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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Week 11 (March 12-18): Whip Cream

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A random Tuesday snow day requires only one thing: hot cocoa with lots and lots of whip cream! 

Have a little cocoa with your whip cream


Week 10 (March 5-11):  New York in Winter

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Caroline wanted a trip back to her old stomping grounds for Christmas.   We finally made it happen this week and I’ll be the first say that a trip to the Hamptons in March just isn’t as fun as a summer adventure.  But it was beautiful with some fresh snow.  This picture will not do justice but I had to snap a photo of the trees covered in snow on Squires Ave (our old street).  

Snow on Squires

Week 9 (February 26-March 4): Puzzle 

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Liam has always been our puzzle lover.  It’s fun seeing him move from 12 pieces to 24 to 48.  His current obsession is 200 pieces of football and baseball puzzles.  He’s gotten so fast with these that I’m thinking it might be time to add a few more to the rotation. 

Puzzle Champ!

Week 8 (February 19-25): A “Magical” Week

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Caption this!

We were lucky enough to take the kids to Florida during their winter break.  We had fun visiting with Pop Pop and Mom mom and cousins.  The highlight of the trip was going to Disney! We all had such a good time and had a fair amount of pictures taken.  The photos from the fast moving attractions are the best and there were a few of all of us smiling and looking in the same direction but this one is my favorite!!!

Week 7 (February 12-18): Just Call Me Devin

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Football playing snowman

Liam has been working on this paper mache snowman in art class for a while.  He loved the project and was excited to finally bring it home and show it off to us.  The conversation went something like this:

Me: I love it but it looks like you brought home the wrong snowman.

Liam: Nope it’s mine.

Me:  But it says “Devin McCourty”

Jeff (from the other room): Devin McCourty is a football player.

Me: Ah, of course he is!

And on further inspection I can see the snowman is holding a little pipe cleaner football.   I am now convinced that football has over taken Liam’s brain and infiltrated every aspect of his life!