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Week 21 (May 19th – May 25th): Storytime

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Untitled & To Be Continued

Untitled & To Be Continued

This is Caroline’s first ever written story.

While I was preoccupied with getting ready, she was dreaming up a story. First she was wanted a pen—not a pencil. I understand. I have a very strong dislike for pencils.

Then she wanted to know how to spell the word “walk.” Next, she wanted to know what letters came after the “c in kitties.” I told her and if you look closely, she wrote it from right to left, with the backwards “E” touching the “K” in “walk.”

When I stopped long enough to ask her what she was doing, she told me she was writing a story. When I asked her to tell me about the story, she said “I was walking the kitties with my brother, Liam. In this story, he is 4. We saw flowers on our walk.”

Not too shabby for a girl who doesn’t even like to write her name (the curse of having a long name!). Perhaps we have an author in the family!

Week 20 (May 12th-18th): Full Moon

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Maybe I shouldn’t post this picture, but I kind of can’t resist. There’s just something a bit cute about a kid that is having too much fun to notice his pants aren’t up. Seriously, he ran around with them below his “bucket” for a good four or five minutes before I even thought to snap a photo.

Someday he might just make me delete this picture.

Someday he might just make me delete this picture.

Week 19 (May 4th-11th): Pretty in Pink

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We have a pretty big tree in our front yard. I couldn’t tell you what kind. I can tell you it’s not a pine tree, oak tree or maple tree. But it’s a nice tree. The kids love its low hanging branches and it’s Caroline’s dream to climb it all by herself (she’s pretty close to reaching that goal!).

A few weeks ago, Caroline noticed some small pink buds on its branches. It only took a few days before the front yard was an explosion of pink! It was quite a surprise after seeing it all summer with green leaves and then the long winter months with no color. Sadly, we are already being reminded that the pink won’t last. Our yard is covered with “pink confetti” and it is so thick in some spots that it kind of looks a bit like snow!

The "before" shot: Our tree with snow--December 30, 2012

The “before” shot:
Our tree with snow–December 30, 2012

Pink on a rainy day--May 2013

Pink on a rainy day–May 2013

Pink up close--May 2013

Pink up close–May 2013

"Snow" on the ground--May 16th, 2013

“Snow” on the ground–May 16th, 2013

Week 18 (April 28th-May 4th): Two Peas

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For the record, they do fight. They can be mean to each other. Very mean. We recently had to ban talking about birthdays because one child was always uninviting the other one to the party. Their birthdays are months away!

We’ve had some hitting. There have been bites. And lots of knocked down block towers and ruined train track.

We’ve done time-outs, alone time, and way too many “say your sorry” and “don’t do it again.”

We’ve been working on how to solve your own problems but also knowing when you need an adult. I’ve been working on letting them “handle it” without me. It ain’t easy.

I know it comes with having a sibling. I know my siblings and I drove my mother crazy with our bickering and fighting and name calling. Lord knows how my mother managed to survive it with six of us because there are times when I’m sure I’m going crazy just from the two of them not getting along.

And then there are moments like these:

Bonding over watermelon

Bonding over watermelon

Hiking  (bonus picture from week 19!)

(bonus picture from week 19!)

Actually there are LOTS of moments of like these! And for that, I’m thankful!

Week 17 (April 21st-April 27th): While You Were Sleeping

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I never used to check on Caroline at night when she was an infant. First off, I was afraid to wake her. And secondly, she nursed for six or seven months so I knew I would be seeing her at some point in the night and often more than once. I probably didn’t need to worry about waking her because she was always a sound sleeper. I remember one night while living in Florida there was an incredible thunderstorm. I mean it was a powerhouse storm. Shook the pictures right off the wall. Honestly. She never made a peep. I actually DID check on her that night because I couldn’t believe she wasn’t awake and screaming.

Liam didn’t get many check-ins either. This is because he never slept. There would be nights that he would be up for hours at time and just plain miserable about it. The result was that Jeff and I were just plain miserable.

He was smart about his nighttime torture. It looked a little something like this:
Step 1: Sleep from 7 pm until 10 pm (in his very nice crib in his own room) and then wait until Mom & Dad turned off their bedside lamps.
Step 2: Give them a few minutes to get comfy and then–CRY, SCREAM, HOLLER.
Step 3: Keep this up for hours, until everyone is just plain exhausted.
Step 4: Finally fall back asleep at 1 or 2 in the morning.
Step 5: Wake up and want to play (or eat) by 5 am.

By the way, Caroline slept right through all his screaming. Every.Single.Night. Thank goodness for small miracles! (Told you she was a sound sleeper. Just like her dad, I guess.) Liam eventually learned to be a better sleeper–but not after a lot of work and trying moments.

Somewhere along our path to good parenting, Jeff decided that the children needed to be looked in on before we went to bed. I left that ball in his court and let him run with it. I wanted nothing to do with it and was willing to forfeit my Mother of the Year Award. But then, he started to call me in to their rooms. I just had to come see them, he’d say. I just had to see the cute little faces, eyes shut, bodies in weird yet somehow comfortable positions, just spilling over with sweetness and innocence. It only took a few times before I too was hooked on doing a nightly check-in.

Now the routine is to peek in on Caroline, adjust her fan and pull her thumb out of her mouth. Sometimes she gets a kiss and other times we have to skip it because she’s snuggled too far under the blankets. Liam’s reading lamp is turned off, his night light is turned on, and his stack of Richard Scarry books gets moved to the floor. He almost always gets a kiss.

Sometimes I wonder how long looking in on them while they sleep will last. I’d say forever, like in the Robert Munsch book I’ll Love You Forever but I’m pretty sure they’ll be the type of teenagers that will stay awake LONG after mom has hit the hay. So until then, I’ll keep looking in, tucking in, and kissing them goodnight while they float around dream land.

Liam snoozing with a wind up musical giraffe that he got as a baby

Liam snoozing with a wind up musical giraffe that he got as a baby

Caroline dreaming away with a doll that her Granny gave her when she was "little"

Caroline dreaming away with a doll that her Granny gave her when she was “little”