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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Week 41 (October 14th-20th): Feliz cumpleaños

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Yes, that is Spanish for Happy Birthday. And yes, Caroline actually sang it to Jeff on his birthday. She had been singing it for weeks after learning it from her best friend, Dora. Liam was more concerned with how many birthday spankings Jeff was going to get. We decided a hundred was too many but five was not enough. I love the age that the kids are at right now. They have some concept of age but not enough to figure out how old the adults around them actually are. They knew that Daddy was older than ten thanks to spending time with their cousin Abigail this summer. The next guess was that he was about to be 67. Close enough.

This cake was actually for the kids. Jeff gets a pumpkin pie on his birthday.

Caroline and Liam managed to keep Jeff’s gifts a secret. They helped me wrap them but by the looks on their faces, I’m guessing they forgot what we bought! They looked pretty excited to see what’s under the paper.

Week 40: (October 7th-13th): Take a Hike

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Caroline and Liam had been bugging us to go for a hike. For nearly two weeks straight, every place I took them, they asked if there was a hiking trail nearby. So on Columbus Day, Jeff found us a little trail that led us to a beach. When we came to a fork in the road, we naturally took the path that would end up being longer, but also less traveled. I’m sure Robert Frost would have been proud.

Caroline ran for the first half of the hike, pausing only when something caught her eye and was deemed “beautiful” or when we shouted for her to wait up. Liam held his own, catching her heels every so often. He was more like a park ranger than a trail runner or casual hiker, musing aloud if the “jungle had any bears and telling us to be careful when crossing small bridges.

We made it to the beach in good spirits, with two hungry little birds that gobbled their packed lunches and then whined when their parents wouldn’t let them take their shoes off. A walk on the beach to collect shells of similar likeness but various sizes was followed with requests for shoulder rides on our hike back to the car. It was just a great family outing and we are all looking forward to doing it again.

I hope they always love each other and the outdoors as much as they do in this picture

“Long-legged Lucy” needs just a bit more height in order to see something besides the clouds

Caroline ponders this gift from the sea….

while Liam squares off to toss it back

In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks. -John Muir

Week 39 (September 30th-October 6th): Size Matters

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We finally didn’t have to sneak Liam on to the rides at the fair! In July, there was a small fair at the fire station in Hampton Bays. There were just two rides that were preschooler friendly. One was also adult friendly. One was not. Caroline got to enjoy both rides. Liam was a bit too small to ride either of them, and definitely not ready to go it alone. So Jeff and I took turns riding “the strawberry” with him.

There was another festival in town this weekend and we decided to check it out. Again, just two rides for the kiddos. The strawberry was there. And there was one that they could ride alone, if they met the height requirements. 36 inches. We put Liam up against the board and as luck would have it, he just barely made the cut—probably because he hasn’t had a haircut for a while.

Here they are, enjoying a ride at the St. Gennaro Festival in Hampton Bays.

There was just one pink and purple dragon. Caroline didn’t care if she was in the back as long as it was the pink and purple one!

Liam spent part of the ride in awe and part waving like a maniac to us.

Week 38 (September 23-29): Someone’s in the Kitchen

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We had some leftover pumpkin from the homemade pumpkin spiced latte’s Jeff made, so I found a simple recipe on Pinterest that also happened to be Vegan. We made it because we had all the ingredients. Caroline and Liam had a great time cooking, as they usually do. But the taste test? Take a look for yourself!

Nothing says fun like an electric mixer!

“Good job, Buddy!”

Taste test results

For the record, they weren’t that bad.