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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Week 25 (June 17-23): Fire Fire Fire! False Alarm!

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Short post because the next one is already creeping up. The kids and I spent 6 nights at the Navy Lodge on base. They enjoyed themselves more than I thought I they would. The highlight of our stay was when a little two-year old boy pulled the fire alarm. Both Caroline and Liam were beyond confused about what was happening as we were exiting the building as a chorus of “arnt arnt arnt’s” screamed out. When I explained to them what was happening and they saw the firetruck approach the hotel, confusion gave way to fun.

Three things I was thankful for:

1. I was not responsible for the child that pulled the alarm.
2. It was not the middle of the night. It was just three p.m. And was a nice cloudy, cool afternoon for standing in the parking lot while the fire fighters inspected the building.
3. I went to college. Which meant I had a lot of experience with pulled fire alarms. Which means the kids had their shoes on and I had my keys and purse. Who knew it was just a false alarm? Gotta be prepared, right?!?!


Week 24 (June 10th-17th): Pretty Little Boxes

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Okay, maybe these boxes aren’t little and aren’t exactly pretty but after waiting forever ages to get this move started and finished, it was surprisingly overwhelming when moving day actually came.

Jeff didn’t think we had a lot of boxes. I thought there were too many!

After all was weighed, we only had fifty pounds more than when we arrived on Southern Maryland. I don’t quite believe it since we’ve gained a lot of new furniture here. And we added a little guy to the fam, too!

Week 23 (June 3rd-9th): Fair Winds & Following Seas

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I am going to be completely lazy and pull a “the movers are coming tomorrow” card. My blog entry this week is cut and pasted from my Facebook status from Thursday, June 7, 2012, the day these photos were taken.

I had a wonderful day at Jeffrey M. Smith’s Change of Command ceremony in St. Inigoes, MD. This officially marks the end of his time as Officer in Charge here. I am so proud of all he has accomplished!

And a huge thanks to our friends & family for coming: Mike Smith aka Pop Pop, Becky Ritchie Leishear (thanks for trying to surprise me!), Lindsay Ungvary Chieco & family, and Melissa (Eric Freytag)!

I definitely feel that “fair winds and following seas” are not far from us now. We truly are blessed!

Captain O’Malley presents Chief Smith with an award

The official changing of the command

Week 22 (May 28-June 2): Froggy Went a-Courting, Uh Huh

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Disclaimer 1: This photo was taken with my cell phone.
Disclaimer 2: The sink in this photo was disgusting. I tried to crop most of it out.

On the mornings when I do not have to tutor, I try to get in a workout or a walk at the rec center in Solomons. Last Monday, I opted for a walk. Per my routine after a walk or workout, I stopped by the campground “comfort station” to get ready for school. The first sink I approached gave me a bit of shock. The sink itself was gross but it seems that this bathroom always has one gross sink so I wasn’t surprised by that. What shocked me was the little green frog camping out in the drain.

Honestly, I was glad to be alone because I let out a little squeal that is not normally in my vocal range. Once I had collected myself, I snapped this photo. As I tried to get a good picture without getting too close, for fear that the little green guy would propel himself towards me, I wondered when did I become such a wuss? Scared of a frog in a sink? Since when? Five years ago (or more like ten?!?!) I would have turned on the faucet just to see Froggy’s reaction. But on this day, I just moved two sinks down, got ready for school and got out! I have no idea what was on Froggy’s agenda for the day. I didn’t even go back for a second look!