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Week 8 (February 19-25): A “Magical” Week

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Caption this!

We were lucky enough to take the kids to Florida during their winter break.  We had fun visiting with Pop Pop and Mom mom and cousins.  The highlight of the trip was going to Disney! We all had such a good time and had a fair amount of pictures taken.  The photos from the fast moving attractions are the best and there were a few of all of us smiling and looking in the same direction but this one is my favorite!!!


Week 7 (February 12-18): Just Call Me Devin

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Football playing snowman

Liam has been working on this paper mache snowman in art class for a while.  He loved the project and was excited to finally bring it home and show it off to us.  The conversation went something like this:

Me: I love it but it looks like you brought home the wrong snowman.

Liam: Nope it’s mine.

Me:  But it says “Devin McCourty”

Jeff (from the other room): Devin McCourty is a football player.

Me: Ah, of course he is!

And on further inspection I can see the snowman is holding a little pipe cleaner football.   I am now convinced that football has over taken Liam’s brain and infiltrated every aspect of his life!


Week 1 (January 1-7): Play to Learn

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We started the New Year the same way we finished 2016,  slow and lazy.  No big parties on NYE, no late night countdowns.  Just a quiet evening, followed by a quiet day hanging out at home.  It’s how we spent most days since school let out for vacation on December 22.   Both the kids were happy to just be at home and with each other.  Until the last day of vacation.  I could see it coming and had a plan.    Cape Cod Children’s Museum in Mashpee.  Even though I know it existed because I did my research before moving to the Cape, the kids did not.  So when Monday morning rolled around and they were on their tenth arguement by 8 am, I pulled this little gem out of my bag of tricks.

It was a risk bringing them to CCCM.  I wasn’t sure if they would have enough to do.  And I was afraid they would be too old (yes, even at ages 7 & 8).  They had already out grown the Children’s Museum of the East End in Bridgehampton, NY and when we went to Maine over the summer, I didn’t even offer to take them to the children’s museum in Portland.  But because it was January and they needed to get out of the house, we gave it a try.  It helps that CCCM also has a great military discount.

Caroline was ready to go at ten, but I made them hold off until after lunch.  I didn’t need them trampling any toddlers.    The place is small but there was plenty for them to do.  The novelty of a new location paired with finding some other kids their age to play with made for a fun afternoon.   I had to bribe them with a treat at Mashpee Commons just to get them to leave.   They were making plans to go back as soon as they got in the van.  

Caroline spent a good amount of time getting this set up just so.


Liam is intrigued by a brain teaser.

A bad day at fishing sure beats getting on each other’s nerves at home!

Cold water and a cupcake hit the spot after a fun afternoon of play.

When you convince your mom that Cupcake Charlie’s and a hot cocoa are a must have.

Week 2 (January 8-14): Hey There Foxy

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I’m not a city gal at all.  But I’m far from being a country bumpkin.   I like where we live.  Lots of wide open spaces but plenty of civilization just 15-20 minutes from our door.  Maybe too much in the summer months.  Welcome to Cape Cod, Everyone! 

When Jeff and I had our meeting with the base housing officer we were handed a packet of information that included multiple pages about the local wild life we’d see. 

 Deer. We see them a lot and they are full sized deer, not the scrawny dog-sized deer we had in Jersey.    

Turkeys.  Man do we have wild turkeys.  I’m sure I’ll post a picture of them at some point.   Thanksgiving, maybe? 

Fisher Cats.  Never even heard of them before moving here.  

Coyotes.  I’ve seen one on two separate occasions.   The coyote is a bit more elusive in our neighborhood but he strutted right by our house one summer afternoon.  I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me.   He (or they, I’m not sure how many are hanging around) has been known to spend summer evenings at one of the local playgrounds.   

And then there is this little foxy guy.  He hangs out near Caroline and Liam’s bus stop.  He’s not shy but we also don’t encourage him.  I’m sure he has a den somewhere near our house as we see him often.    He’s a patient fellow, too.  I saw him walking along the side of the road while on my way home from school.  He waited while I pulled over, found my phone in my purse and snapped an easy half dozen pictures before he casually trotted off into the woods.   

Foxy fellow in January

Week 3 (January 15-21): If Your Hair is Done Properly 

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And you’re wearing good shoes you can get away with anything .  -Iris Apfel

And if you have a big sis that thinks your new haircut is just ADORABLE, she’ll beg you to let her style it.  Thanks for being a good sport, Buddy! 

Why does this make me think of their teenage years?!? I can absolutely see this same scene happening before a big date!

Excuses, excuses

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So let’s not waste time with why I haven’t posted for almost two years. I can come up with a hundred excuses and some of them might even be true!  Time to focus on 2017 and stay on top of an entry every week, all year.  You can still expect a lot of the pictures to be of the kids because let’s face it, when I’m not at week I’m probably with them.  You might get lucky and find a kidless post,  but I suspect that will be a rare occurrence.   I have one big goal for my Project 52 and that to only use pictures that have not been posted on Facebook.  This might be the hardest part of this all since FB and I are pretty close 😊.  Wish me luck and I hope you enjoy My Project 52.  

Week 4 (January 25th- 31st): Snow and snow and more snow

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After spending most of the winter with little to no snow, we finally had a big snow “event.” We got about 25 inches at our house on Monday night which resulted in no school Tuesday or Wednesday. Just what the kids were hoping for.

Caroline is working on building her tolerance to the cold.  She lasts about 10 minutes before wanting to go inside.  She loves the snow, hates the cold!

Caroline is working on building her tolerance to the cold. She lasts about 10 minutes before wanting to go inside. She loves the snow, hates the cold!

Liam loves the view from up here.   I am trying to prep them for our trip to Maine.  They have loads more snow than us!

Liam loves the view from up here. I am trying to prep them for our trip to Maine. They have loads more snow than us!