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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Week 12: Bonus Pictures

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Guess I am not the only person in the family that felt the need to take pictures of the cherry trees! These pictures are posted without the consent of the photographer.


Jeffrey's pictures of the neighborhood cherry trees.

Week 12: (March 18-24) Loveliest of Trees

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A weeks worth of pictures of the trees that line the street to our house. They seem to bloom for such a short time but are truly breath-taking. I know my photos don’t do them justice but I’d like to keep the memory of them when we leave Pax River.

Loveliest of trees, the cherry now

Is hung with bloom along the bough

-A.E. Housman

Week 11: (March 11-17) New Home

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For the birds that is! These clever little beauties were made a couple weeks ago at Miss Gina’s (I know she will see this, so I can’t claim it’s my own crafty-ness!). They are made from old baskets and sticks and grass (not to mention lots of glue) gathered in Miss Gina’s yard. I am happy to say it only took a week to get them hanging up (thanks for the help, Jeff!) and now all we need to do is wait for some feathery tenants.

Week 10: (March 4-11) Nana & Grampy

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Caroline & Liam "squeeze in" all the hugs they can!!!!

A day late posting but for good reasons! Nana and Grampy came from Maine to visit and take care of the kids so Jeff and I could escape to Long Island. It was the first Jeff and I were away overnight from them AT THE SAME TIME. The weekend was a win-win for everyone. Jeff and I were able to scout out the Hampton Bays area and secure a rental. Nana & Grampy got Caroline and Liam all to themselves. And the kids? Well, just look at those smiles!

Week 9: (February 26-March 3) Books & Breakfast

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Books & breakfast are Caroline and Liam's equivalent to newspaper & coffee

Caroline has begun to be very skilled at "reading." She has a great memory for the stories and has learned to fill-in the blanks by looking at the pictures.

Liam gets so excited about every book he reads no matter if it is the first time or hundredth time he is seeing it.

What mom doesn’t love to see her kids reading?!?!? These children are definitely book lovers and will read any chance they get. Liam wakes up in the morning asking for books and Caroline can’t seem to fall asleep without getting in a few extra books at bedtime.

I came across this quote once and think it fits for these two bookworms:

Let books be your dining table,
And you shall be full of delights
Let them be your mattress
And you shall sleep restful nights.
~Author Unknown