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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Week 45: (November 11th-November 17th): Birthday Boy Beams Brightly

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Liam has been waiting for his special day since his big “sis” had her birthday in July. Now that we are a little closer to the grandparent’s in Maine, we decided to pack up the cake(s) and presents and celebrate with family. His actual birthday was on the 16th and the party was the 17th. By Saturday morning, he was a great big ball of excitement. By the time the party began, a happier boy could not be found anywhere!

Fire hats for all the friends and a fire truck cake made for a fun time. He was a whirlwind of activity opening presents and absolutely LOVES everything he received!

Happy birthday, little big guy!


Week 44 (November 4th-November 10th): Freaky Fall Weather

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I love fall, mostly for the weather, but the past few weeks have reminded me how bipolar autumn can be. Between the hurricane and nor’easter that Mother Nature tossed our way, she also had some wonderful, warm days for us to enjoy. The kids had no problem finding something to do outside while I dragged pile after pile of fallen leaves to the curb. By the way, they were no help at all with the leaves and sticks. It seems they only do yard work at other people’s houses.

Back in Maryland, she used to wear these block out the sound of the jets flying over the yard. Now they are merely a fashion statement.

Why is it that this picture makes me flash forward 20 or 30 years? I can totally see him leaning up against a firetruck in the future, checking out the sights (i.e. girls).

Week 43 (October 28th-November 3rd): Boo

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We had plans for Halloween this year. Big plans since Granny was coming to visit! But instead of parading around Westhampton Beach and trick or treating in our new neighborhood, Sandy roared into town and things changed.

First stop: 55 Whitney

This is a picture I never thought I would see, especially while the kids are as young as they are. Trick or treating at Nana and Grampy’s house. Thanks to Sandy and Jeff’s insight to have us leave Long Island, the kids got to trick or treat with cousin Benjamin on the street that I grew up on and then, later on, at Nana’s work. It was an unexpected treat and this Halloween is sure to be one they wont forget for many years, and for many reasons.

Week 42: (October 21st-27th): Before the Storm

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A bit late posting week 42 due to Hurricane Sandy. The kids and I took off for Maine the day after these pictures were taken. Jeff stayed behind as duty was calling. Our part of Long Island faired well during the storm, but there places even 30 minutes away that were hit hard.

The Friday before Sandy came a-roaring to the East Coast, Liam and I dropped Caroline off at preschool and a Starbucks treat off to Jeff before heading to the beach. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny fall morning. Exactly what you would think of when hearing the phrase “the calm before the storm.” We followed fresh truck tracks for “miles” and found a “fort” made of sticks. A little bit of digging in the sand and pretending to be “pare-in-thol-o-gists” looking for dinosaurs made for a memorable morning with my little guy.

Digging for Dinosaur Bones

Trekking on the Truck Tracks

Roasting Marshmallows at the Campsite

Smiling in the Sun

There comes a time in every rightly-constructed boy’s life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure.
– Mark Twain