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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Week 33 (August 19th-25th): Vacationland

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Vacation got in the way of posting this in a timely manner! I have hundreds of pictures from our trip to Maine but decided on these from our visit to Two Lights Park in Cape Elizabeth.

Liam and Jeff stop to pose. Friday, August 24th

Sunshine, Fresh Air and an Ocean Backdrop = Happiness

Yay for Maine!


Week 32 (August 12th-18th): All My Life’s a Circle

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The great thing about moving to a new area is getting to discover new things. We stumbled upon this antique carousel in Greenport after picking Jeff up at the ferry. When we had return him to the ferry on Sunday, the kids immediately asked if they could go on the merry-go-round again. Sure, why not. It’s on the way home and the ticket price ($2) makes it easy to say yes. Plus, just look at those faces!

Week 31 (August 5th-11th): Out From Behind the Camera

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Not much to say about this picture except that I love it and I never say that about pictures of myself. We were picking Jeff up at the ferry in Orient Point, NY and I handed the camera off to him. I need to remember to do that more often.

My loves

My loves

Week 30 (July 29th-August 4th): I Whip My Hair

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Okay, this is not a shout out to Willow Smith (no relation, either) but I just love how Caroline was just filled with silliness, smiles and laughter as she flung her hair around. It was a completely random and beautiful moment at the park, caught on camera.

Take time everyday to do something silly. -Phillip Walker

Week 29 (July 22-28): Uneventful Week

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There was one event this week to note, but it was my birthday and it was just my style…low-key. I’m not big on birthdays so the fact that I didn’t leave the house once was A-O-K with me. It was a rainy and the kids talked me into letting them paint. I wasn’t feeling it, but they were and they wore me down! When I went to open the box of the paint supplies, I was greeted with this pink birthday ribbon—a gift from my good friend, Becky, on last year’s birthday. Along with the ribbon, I got sung to by a random group of teachers, all trapped in “Professional Development” on a nice summer day. Embarrassing for sure!

I have no idea how the ribbon ended up with paint supplies. But I wonder if it is more than random luck that I finally said yes to letting the kids paint on this particular day, and therefore able to find the ribbon and a fun memory, compliments of a good friend!