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Week 10 (March 5-11):  New York in Winter

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Caroline wanted a trip back to her old stomping grounds for Christmas.   We finally made it happen this week and I’ll be the first say that a trip to the Hamptons in March just isn’t as fun as a summer adventure.  But it was beautiful with some fresh snow.  This picture will not do justice but I had to snap a photo of the trees covered in snow on Squires Ave (our old street).  

Snow on Squires


Week 8 (February 19-25): A “Magical” Week

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Caption this!

We were lucky enough to take the kids to Florida during their winter break.  We had fun visiting with Pop Pop and Mom mom and cousins.  The highlight of the trip was going to Disney! We all had such a good time and had a fair amount of pictures taken.  The photos from the fast moving attractions are the best and there were a few of all of us smiling and looking in the same direction but this one is my favorite!!!

Week 6 (February 5-11): Guest Photographer 

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A rare Saturday night dinner out with the fam and Liam got ahold of my phone.  I challenged him to take a “nice” photo of me and my old man.   50 shots later, they all ended up deleted because he’s 7 and silly.  This one though, he made me promise to keep.  I’ve got to admit it’s grown on me.

This is us. Photo by Liam, age 7

Week 5 (January 29-February 4): At the Car Wash

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Winter in New England = Dirty, salty car

Sunny, warmish day in February = Chance to get the car wash

Automatic car wash with two kids = Lots of giggles

Cheap thrills and a clean car!

Week 4 (January 22-28): Magic Carpet

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Not the greatest picture but the girl sure is have a great time!  This girl loves to swim and is really enjoying her swim lessons.  She’s working hard to someday be a part of swim team! Go Caroline! 

Caroline at her weekly swim lesson.

Week 1 (January 1-7): Play to Learn

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We started the New Year the same way we finished 2016,  slow and lazy.  No big parties on NYE, no late night countdowns.  Just a quiet evening, followed by a quiet day hanging out at home.  It’s how we spent most days since school let out for vacation on December 22.   Both the kids were happy to just be at home and with each other.  Until the last day of vacation.  I could see it coming and had a plan.    Cape Cod Children’s Museum in Mashpee.  Even though I know it existed because I did my research before moving to the Cape, the kids did not.  So when Monday morning rolled around and they were on their tenth arguement by 8 am, I pulled this little gem out of my bag of tricks.

It was a risk bringing them to CCCM.  I wasn’t sure if they would have enough to do.  And I was afraid they would be too old (yes, even at ages 7 & 8).  They had already out grown the Children’s Museum of the East End in Bridgehampton, NY and when we went to Maine over the summer, I didn’t even offer to take them to the children’s museum in Portland.  But because it was January and they needed to get out of the house, we gave it a try.  It helps that CCCM also has a great military discount.

Caroline was ready to go at ten, but I made them hold off until after lunch.  I didn’t need them trampling any toddlers.    The place is small but there was plenty for them to do.  The novelty of a new location paired with finding some other kids their age to play with made for a fun afternoon.   I had to bribe them with a treat at Mashpee Commons just to get them to leave.   They were making plans to go back as soon as they got in the van.  

Caroline spent a good amount of time getting this set up just so.


Liam is intrigued by a brain teaser.

A bad day at fishing sure beats getting on each other’s nerves at home!

Cold water and a cupcake hit the spot after a fun afternoon of play.

When you convince your mom that Cupcake Charlie’s and a hot cocoa are a must have.

Week 3 (January 18th-24th): Natural History

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We took the kids to the Museum of Natural History in NYC on MLK, Jr. Day. We knew it would be a bit crowded but got there early enough to beat some of the crowds. Thanks to the Night at the Museum movies and some internet research, Caroline and Liam had their day mapped out before we even found a parking spot.

We hit all the highlights and spent a lot of time just looking and moving. They loved the animal exhibits and the ocean life hall. The dinosaur area was way too crowded by the time we got around to checking it out, so we didn’t really spend a lot of time there. Liam couldn’t wait to see “Num num” from the movie but by that time in the afternoon, Caroline was over it.

Just as we were getting ready to leave because the crowds were getting to us and the kids were dragging, Liam reminded us that we needed to see Teddy Roosevelt. So, here are the kids chilling with #26.

Liam and his bud

Liam and his bud

Caroline and the Prez

Caroline and the Prez

Oh, by the way, we found out the hard way that you aren’t suppose to sit on him. Opps. Sorry, Teddy.