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Week 8: February 19-25: Follow the Leader

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Caroline and Liam explore the snow

Caroline and Liam make tracks

Last Monday we woke to snow on the ground. It wasn’t a lot but it was enough so that we had to dig out snow pants, boots, hats and gloves. Once outside, they had fun throwing snowballs and looking for animal tracks.


Week 7: (February 12-18) A Whole New World of Firsts

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Disney on Ice: First Big Show

When the children were very little, I was good about keeping track of their “firsts.” First time Caroline ate peas. First time Liam went on an airplane. First steps. First haircut. First words. Every week had multiple firsts for me to write on the calendars hanging in their rooms. They are hitting new milestones all the time but they don’t seem to come be coming in such a rapid succession as they did during the first year of their lives.

These days, when I go to document a new experience on their calendars, it’s often the only new thing all month. But when I take a moment to reflect on just exactly what’s new, it’s pretty amazing. First time Caroline dressed her self, from head to toe, without a lick of help. The first night Liam went to bed without a diaper and woke up dry. First time playing at a friend’s house without Mom or Dad standing by.

Yesterday’s new first was the “Big Show” as we called it all week. Disney on Ice at the Verizon Center in D.C. We had prepped the kids about what an ice show was but they were blown away by the actual event. Caroline was on the edge of her seat the whole time, mouth hung open and hands ready to clap. Liam was awe struck and a little bit frightened (think Beauty & the Beast). To quote the Fresh Beat Band, “we had a great day, the very best day.”

I recognize that the firsts that will come at them in the future will make me cry more than “ate sweet pototos” ever could…. before long these little munchkins will have the first day of kindergarten, first sleepover, and <gasp> first kiss—which will probably be followed by Jeff’s first heart attack!

Week 6: (February 4-11, 2012): Daddy’s Home

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When you are not trying to catch a plane or just returning from nights away from home, hanging out in the airport with a two and three year old is wonderful place to create adventure and memories. Aside from watching take-offs and landings, there are tiny trucks towing enormous airplanes to be wowed by. There are firetrucks and men in orange vests to admire from giant windows. There are moving walkways and escalators to master. There are picnic lunches to be eaten and pretty murals on the floor to marvel at. And on this particular trip, there is a daddy coming home from five weeks in California.

Caroline puts her long legs to use to reach Daddy while Liam takes a minute to recover from his shock of seeing Daddy.

The Sweetest Moment

Caroline sighted Jeff first. She took off in a medal-winning sprint. I see a spot on the track team in her future. Liam needed a moment to recover from his jaw-dropping shock. It was as though he had forgotten the whole reason we were even at the airport. I looked through teary eyes while Jeff lathered them with hugs and kisses and the words “I missed you” were said in repeated chorus.

What these photos don’t show is the lady in the shop off to the right. She is on her cell phone and although her words weren’t intended for me but I am glad I heard them. She said, “I can’t talk now. I’m watching some guy hug his kids.” Her words weren’t offensive but now that I have had a day to think about it, he is some guy. A guy that spent 35 long days away from his family not just because the job required him to, but because his job is to serve our country. A guy that never complained once about missing out on things at home or what he had to do for while at the Academy. He’s some guy and more: That some guy is our guy and in case you couldn’t tell, we are happy he’s home!

Week 5: (January 29-February 4): The Rainbow

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Morning drive surprise

Caroline spotted this beauty on our morning drive this week. From the backseat, she announced, “Look, a miracle!” We took a minute to park behind Wawa and check it out. It occurred to me while we were talking about the colors we could see that it hadn’t actually rained yet, but it was clear that rain was coming. Dark, full skies were to the left and soon dumped buckets on us.

So, to paraphrase Dolly Parton, I guess it really is true that if you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.