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Week 9 (February 26-March 4): Puzzle 

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Liam has always been our puzzle lover.  It’s fun seeing him move from 12 pieces to 24 to 48.  His current obsession is 200 pieces of football and baseball puzzles.  He’s gotten so fast with these that I’m thinking it might be time to add a few more to the rotation. 

Puzzle Champ!


Week 3 (January 13th-19th): I’m Bored!

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I would LOVE to meet the person that taught that phrase to my children. There is no way they should be bored! Ever! So when Liam started claiming at 6:30 in the morning that he was “bored” I tossed him the tupperware and told him to get to work matching the covers with the containers!

Liam's boring morning

Liam’s boring morning

I’m not sure what my desired outcome was, but he really enjoyed himself. I wasn’t surprised since he is the puzzle king and finding the right match is similar to completing a puzzle, but I was surprised when he woke up bright and early the next day asking to do it again! I swear I will never buy another toy or game again 🙂