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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Week 4: (January 22-28) Sleepy head

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A little snooze after a long day of play

As much as he thinks he is a big boy, my little guy was fast asleep within three minutes of getting buckled into his seat. He refused to nap at daycare on this day and just wanted to play, chat, and sing. Always one for napping in the car as an infant, this picture reminds me that for as much as he is growing up, this kid is still my little baby.


Week 3: (January 15-22) Best Friends

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Caroline & Liam playing

Love this picture of these two goofy kids sitting side by side and playing with the doll house. It looks like they are just the worlds greatest friends. Too bad the photo didn’t capture sound because you would hear screaming and yelling and lots of crying!

Week 2: The Bridge

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This bridge will not be missed when we move!

I snapped a picture of this bridge earlier this week while taking a walk before work. I guess I should dedicate this page to my late Grandfather, Kenneth V. Heskett, as he was fond of taking pictures of bridges. This one links St. Mary’s and Calvert Counties and easily the worst part of my work day! It’s a rough bridge to cross on a bright and sunny day because the sun blinds you. But it’s a fright on a stormy day. Wind, rain, snow or a combo of all three turn my daily commute into a white-knuckled adventure.

My two miniature passengers in the backseat do not mirror my dislike. It’s not uncommon for me to hear Caroline shout out, “Look Mommy, that bird is flying next to my window!” Or Liam talk about the boats in the water way below us. Then there is the chorus of “WHEEEEEEEEEE” that they sing out as we make our descent as though they are on a roller coaster! I won’t miss this bridge when we leave Southern Maryland, that’s for sure, but I will keep the memory Caroline exclaiming “I can see the whole world from up here!” I am glad she enjoys the view.

Week of Jan. 1, 2012: Snow on the chairs

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First "real" snow of 2012

It has snowed! And the children are excited. I am excited for them,especially since this snow will be gone before noon! That’s not to say I don’t like winter weather, but I was enjoying the 50 degree weather we had all last week! I can deal with one nice winter storm, say maybe in February, but until then a dusting is just fine with me, even if it means the kids will have to wait on building that snowman and making those snow angels.

My 52 Project

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This is my attempt at a 366 Project.  I know myself and how busy my life can get, so I am dropping down to a 52 Project.  This I can do! A new photo journal each week.  The only thing slowing me down right now is the need for a new camera! My beloved little camera that I have had for at least five years has decided to be done with me! So while I am looking for a replacement, I will be taking shots with Jeff’s camera or my cell phone! Stay tuned to see what I think is worthy of posting!