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Week 7 (February 12-18): Just Call Me Devin

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Football playing snowman

Liam has been working on this paper mache snowman in art class for a while.  He loved the project and was excited to finally bring it home and show it off to us.  The conversation went something like this:

Me: I love it but it looks like you brought home the wrong snowman.

Liam: Nope it’s mine.

Me:  But it says “Devin McCourty”

Jeff (from the other room): Devin McCourty is a football player.

Me: Ah, of course he is!

And on further inspection I can see the snowman is holding a little pipe cleaner football.   I am now convinced that football has over taken Liam’s brain and infiltrated every aspect of his life!



Week 5 (January 26th-February1st): Caterpillar

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Liam is happy with his caterpillar

Liam is happy with his caterpillar

Thanks to all the snow and late delays with school, Liam has barely been to preschool this month. That leaves a lot of time for some fun Mommy & Me times. Like when we made this caterpillar. It was a joint effort with Liam pretty much telling me what to do and then him telling me I did a great job. Yeah, it’ say pretty good looking caterpillar if I do say so myself.

Week 1 (December 29th-January 4th): Art & Work

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One thing that Caroline wanted to do while on winter vacation from school was visit Jeff at work. She rarely gets a chance to stop by his office now that she in school all day. It was snowing and I didn’t exactly feel like being out and about (even the traditional trip to get a treat for the kids and coffee for Jeff wasn’t motivating me), but I bundled the kids up and brought them over for a short visit. Of course, it was worth the hassle. There’s just something fun about being able to visit your parents at work and I can still remember some of the visits to my dad when he was at work.

Caroline was more than excited to visit Jeff, but part of me wonders if she sees visiting his office like going to an art gallery. Jeff has a lot of drawings and paintings in his office and she likes to look at it all (80% hers, 20% Liam’s). She likes tell him that she remembers making a certain picture for him and asks him why he still has it up. He tells her it’s because she is the best artist he knows and her big smile gets just a bit bigger. Just take a look at those smiling mugs below to and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Yep, definitely worth a drive in the snow on a lazy afternoon to see those smiles!

Caroline & her dad.  She's holding his business card and very proud that he has displayed her artwork.

Caroline & her dad. She’s holding his business card and very proud that he has displayed her artwork.

For the record, Liam is working hard to increase his artwork stats. Yesterday he painted twelve pictures and designated that eight of them were for Jeff’s office! Guess he noticed he was under-represented on the desk!