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Week 46 (November 18th-24th): Happy Thanksgiving

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With Thanksgiving this past week, I recognize that I sure do have a lot to be thankful.

I am thankful for all the obvious things. My husband & children. That my family is healthy and happy (most of the time!). That we have family that loves us. Enough money for a random stop at Starbucks. The list is quite endless.

There are so many seemingly small things that really are big things. One of those things has been captured in this picture. I am truly thankful that my children love books. If I say “Go read a book,” they will gladly comply 99% of the time. They can sit and listen to Jeff or me read stories to them for HOURS. And Caroline has begun to “read” stories to Liam. I am thankful they already have a love of books and hope it stays with them for all their days.

Tank Top Girl and One Sock Son relaxing with some books

Tank Top Girl and One Sock Son relaxing with some books


Week 37 (September 16th-22nd): I Sang This Little Ditty….

On the way to Ocean City, heading south along New Jersey’s Shore.

We love Cape May. Just thought I would tell you, in case you didn’t know. I know we are so very lucky to make it back there as often as we do. And even more lucky that our friends Joan and Jim put us up and put up with us 🙂

Nothing beats being able to visit with Granny and Great Mom Mom and the Aunt’s while enjoying the beautiful September weather. This trip was one of the best ever, even though a few of us ended up a little sick. Ice cream at Fleck’s in the Villas. Playing on the beach. A stroll on the boardwalk in Ocean City. Celebrating a birthday before we left. Just a wonderful, easy trip to Cape May. And here’s a few pictures to highlight our fun!

Big Bear Grins at the Cape May County Zoo

Starting the trip off right with ice cream at Fleck’s

Granny gives Liam at boost at the zoo

“I LOVE it here!”

Big waves amuse the little ones!

And here’s my favorite from the trip. Granny took it on the beach in Ocean City. So beautiful that it does not need a caption.