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Week 2 (January 8-14): Hey There Foxy

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I’m not a city gal at all.  But I’m far from being a country bumpkin.   I like where we live.  Lots of wide open spaces but plenty of civilization just 15-20 minutes from our door.  Maybe too much in the summer months.  Welcome to Cape Cod, Everyone! 

When Jeff and I had our meeting with the base housing officer we were handed a packet of information that included multiple pages about the local wild life we’d see. 

 Deer. We see them a lot and they are full sized deer, not the scrawny dog-sized deer we had in Jersey.    

Turkeys.  Man do we have wild turkeys.  I’m sure I’ll post a picture of them at some point.   Thanksgiving, maybe? 

Fisher Cats.  Never even heard of them before moving here.  

Coyotes.  I’ve seen one on two separate occasions.   The coyote is a bit more elusive in our neighborhood but he strutted right by our house one summer afternoon.  I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me.   He (or they, I’m not sure how many are hanging around) has been known to spend summer evenings at one of the local playgrounds.   

And then there is this little foxy guy.  He hangs out near Caroline and Liam’s bus stop.  He’s not shy but we also don’t encourage him.  I’m sure he has a den somewhere near our house as we see him often.    He’s a patient fellow, too.  I saw him walking along the side of the road while on my way home from school.  He waited while I pulled over, found my phone in my purse and snapped an easy half dozen pictures before he casually trotted off into the woods.   

Foxy fellow in January