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Excuses, excuses

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So let’s not waste time with why I haven’t posted for almost two years. I can come up with a hundred excuses and some of them might even be true!  Time to focus on 2017 and stay on top of an entry every week, all year.  You can still expect a lot of the pictures to be of the kids because let’s face it, when I’m not at week I’m probably with them.  You might get lucky and find a kidless post,  but I suspect that will be a rare occurrence.   I have one big goal for my Project 52 and that to only use pictures that have not been posted on Facebook.  This might be the hardest part of this all since FB and I are pretty close 😊.  Wish me luck and I hope you enjoy My Project 52.  


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There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one's self. Benjamin Franklin

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  1. Maggie! You have 2 BUSY kids, that you love to spend time with. You have a husband, whom you like to spend time with. You have a job, house, life. AND a relationship with Facebook. You don’t need to make excuses, you live them everyday! I’m looking forward to reading your blog! (Could you imagine doing one everyday? You wouldn’t have any other life!) Love you guys!

  2. Becky Leishear

    Yay!!! I am soooo happy you are doing this again! I love to keep up with the Smith family one week at a time 🙂


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