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Week 3 (January 18th-24th): Natural History

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We took the kids to the Museum of Natural History in NYC on MLK, Jr. Day. We knew it would be a bit crowded but got there early enough to beat some of the crowds. Thanks to the Night at the Museum movies and some internet research, Caroline and Liam had their day mapped out before we even found a parking spot.

We hit all the highlights and spent a lot of time just looking and moving. They loved the animal exhibits and the ocean life hall. The dinosaur area was way too crowded by the time we got around to checking it out, so we didn’t really spend a lot of time there. Liam couldn’t wait to see “Num num” from the movie but by that time in the afternoon, Caroline was over it.

Just as we were getting ready to leave because the crowds were getting to us and the kids were dragging, Liam reminded us that we needed to see Teddy Roosevelt. So, here are the kids chilling with #26.

Liam and his bud

Liam and his bud

Caroline and the Prez

Caroline and the Prez

Oh, by the way, we found out the hard way that you aren’t suppose to sit on him. Opps. Sorry, Teddy.

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