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Week 21 (May 18th-May 24th): Worms

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Caroline made a worm habitat in Daisy’s. A month ago. It some how became my responsibility to keep them moist (gasp–I’ve used the most hated word in America!) and fed. They usually sit in their container on top of the bookshelf. But every so often I do the good mom thing and pull them down for the kids to take charge of. So on this day, their little buddy was visiting and he thought it was just so cool that we keep worms in our house.

My sweet little daughter has put a hit on nearly every bug she has even laid eyes on. But on this day she decided she was going to be braver than the boys and hold one in her hand. The little girl that made Jeff spray “bug spray” in her room every night before bed for nearly a year just matter-of-factly plucked a long pinkish-brown worm out of the container and pretty much shoved it in the boys faces. I’m certain I heard some good natured “EEK’s” and “Get ’em away from me” from the boys.

Girl’s rock.

Her exact words: It's just a worm.  What's the big deal?

Her exact words: It’s just a worm. What’s the big deal?

Hey little wormy

Hey little wormy


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  1. Yeah Catoline!! You show your “two” brothers how to be brave!!! My uncle use to have a commercial worm farm. Try feeding them cantaloupe they love it.


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