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Week 48 (November 24th-30th): Timber!

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Another tree post, but this one is a bit different.



I was getting ready for work when I heard a “crack” but I wasn’t sure what it was. The bedroom windows were fogged up so I couldn’t see into the backyard. No one else in the house seemed to notice anything and I quickly dismissed what I heard. But when I came into the kitchen, I couldn’t dismiss the tree down in the backyard. It’s been dead since we’ve lived here and honestly, I’m surprised it didn’t go last October during hurricane Sandy. I guess we are lucky it was a cold, windy morning and no one was outside when it happened. Doubly lucky that it didn’t hit the house! And an added bonus (thanks to Jeff and his friend) is that we now have lots of firewood for our chiminea and fireplace.


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