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Week 43 (October 20th – October 26th): “Leaf” My Pile Alone

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It’s not too often that I get to acknowledge that my husband and I make a good team, but by golly we do! We are pretty united when it comes to our children and how we want to raise them. Sure, we sometimes have to bring the other one back to Earth when locked into a battle of wills against one of the young-uns. And sure, we have our own opinions on (and tolerances of) what’s an acceptable level of mess and noise. But, otherwise, I think it’s pretty safe we are pretty solidly united.

That’s why when I heard that my husband made a leaf pile–a HUGE leaf pile—and let the kids JUMP in it, my first thought was “that’s crazy!” I know even as I type this that I’m sort of being ridiculous and I think I’m pretty good about going with the flow….BUT… there is no way I’d spend all that time gathering leaves just so they can smoosh it and cause the pile to scatter! I’m not lazy. I’m not against children having innocent, classic fun. I just really don’t think I could do it. But I think we are all lucky that I have a husband that was more than happy to let them do it.

So, while I know the kids are lucky that they have two parents that pretty much see eye to eye on how to raise them, I think it’s even better that they have parents that are different, have different comfort levels with things and balance each other out.

Plus, I’m pretty impressed that he even remembered to grab a few pictures of the big leaf jumping event! These kids had a fantastic time!

The big pile

The big pile

Silly, beautiful girl

Silly, beautiful girl

Ready, set, JUMP

Ready, set, JUMP

Who is that under there?

Who is that under there?


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  1. I love this post! I have always thought you and Jeff make a great team and balance each other. A big pile of leaves brings back my childhood at my grandmother’s house. I am so glad that your kids were able to have that experience.


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