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Week 34 (August 18th – August 24th): Camping version 2.0

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We did it! We survived our big, real camping trip. Instead of 2 miles from home, we ventured 20! And we didn’t forget dinner for the kids or pillows. Nothing like a trial run to work out the kinks.

This camping trip was unlike any camping I have ever done, largely due in part to the location. We did “beach” camping which is not to say we camped on the actual beach (quite the disappointment to the children). The campground was more of a parking lot. RV’s on the top row and tents down below. No trees. No privacy. Lots of sand. But so much fun! Being steps away from the beach was a treat, especially since we are not a family that frequents the beach.

We did all the typical camping stuff. S’mores, even though both kids really just wanted the chocolate or marshmallow–but not together. Jeff taught them how to construct a campfire and then I got to tell them stories while we all sat around it. Actually, they told me just about every detail—characters (every friend they have ever had!) and setting (usually winter, for some strange reason) and of course, there had to be a fire truck and an ambulance—and then I had to string all this information into some form of a story (I can tell you are impressed).

We kept them up late with hopes that they would sleep later in the morning. No luck as Liam awoke each morning before six. But that turned out to be a lucky thing on the last day. He woke us up and we heard the thunder. The sky was darker and we worked fast and furiously to get the campsite packed up before the storm. I’m not exaggerating when I say we were driving away as the clouds opened and let loose a mighty nasty rainstorm. Seriously, I had trouble seeing the road as I drove home. Good thing we didn’t have too far to travel!

A calm moment before being hit with "gigantic waves!"

A calm moment before being hit with “gigantic waves!”

Beach girl

Beach girl

A lesson in building the perfect campfire

A lesson in building the perfect campfire

Living the life

Living the life

A little bit of art work by the campfire

A little bit of art work by the campfire

Play hard & rest deeply

Play hard & rest deeply


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