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Week 32 (August 4th-August 10th): Visitors!

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We just had our first non-family visitors. They also were our first visitors with kids. Liam and Caroline were thrilled to have new old playmates in their NY house. The girls could have spent hours coloring pictures together and the boys had fun creating stories involving monster trucks and airplane pilots.

I won’t get all gushy about how nice it was to have them here, how great it felt to know that it has been months since Becky and actually spoke in person but you wouldn’t have known that by the way we carried on, or how bummed I was that the days flew by. Sappy isn’t exactly my style. But with all the moving we’ve done and have yet to do, it’s a real good feeling to know that friendships can and do and will endure the distance.

Caroline & Liam were so excited to have their Maryland friends visit!

Caroline & Liam were so excited to have their Maryland friends visit!


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  1. Well since I AM sappy, I guess I get to go on about how much fun we had visiting the Smith family. What started out as a random idea of visiting quickly turned into reality with a end of summer road trip to East Quoge. The kids didn’t miss a step in their comfort with each other which resulted in hours of happy playing. Seeing Maggie felt the same, right back to our friendship and relaxed conversation that didn’t miss a beat. Our itinerary was full it never felt rushed. We got to see a lot of the area and made the most of our time. I was very sad to leave my good friend but now I know that I am cable of a 7 hour road trip with 2 crazy children s maybe this will become an annual event…or at least until they move BACK to Maryland!!

  2. I don’t want to disappoint Becky but the Smith Family will be moving BACK to CAPE MAY, NJ before Maryland!!!

  3. Oh Becky & Joan! You are both too funny 🙂 Liam is holding out for a move back to Maryland or NYC and Caroline wants Florida! Which means we will probably end up in Alaska!!!!

    • And where does Mom want to move to??? Not that you really have a whole lot of say on that other than input on the dream sheet.


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