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Week 26 (June 23rd – June 29th): Things that Make You Go Hmmmm

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Hmmm....should I put a stop to this?!?!

Hmmm….should I put a stop to this?!?!

I think I am a pretty “chill” parent—-most of the time. I haven’t “hovered” over them in ages. Think 18 month olds on playground equipment designed for seven year olds. It’s been that long. Wait. I take that back. I do remember standing with arms wide open last month when Caroline was learning to climb the tree in our front yard. But that’s an occasion when being a “helicopter parent” is necessary, right? Or would a true helicopter parent not even let their kid up in the tree? I don’t know because I don’t really follow all that chatter.


I did have an internal debate about whether or not I should stop the activity pictured above. Was it potentially dangerous? Sure. But it wasn’t anything worse than what I did with my siblings growing up and we all survived (without any broken bones or serious injuries, I might add proudly!) Were they have tons of fun? Absolutely.

So I did what any sensible parent would do (I think!) and shouted out a “be careful!” and then took a picture. If the fun had ended badly, I probably would have titled this post “The Before Shot.”

But just look at the concentration on Caroline’s face as she backed up. How could anything possibly go wrong!?!?!

Beep beep beep...backing up with a heavy load on top

Beep beep beep…backing up with a heavy load on top


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