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Week 22 (May 26 – June 1): LIA….M?

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LIA is the Long Island Aquarium. We made our first trip there in celebration of Caroline’s 4th birthday nearly a year ago and ended up buying a family membership. The kids and I have been to the aquarium a few times each month. They love that they have their own ID card and get a stamp on their hand. The stamp goes on the left hand and determining which hand is their left hand is very serious business to Caroline and Liam.

After our most recent visit, I saw Liam staring at his stamped hand. The following conversation is paraphrased because my memory just isn’t that good, but it still makes me chuckle!

Me: Hey, Bud, what’s up?
Liam: Something’s wrong with my hand.
Me: Nothing’s wrong, it’s the stamp so the aquarium workers know you paid to get in.
Liam: But it’s wrong.
Me: How is it wrong?
Liam: They forgot to put the “M.”
Me: Pause to process what he was talking about then nothing but smiles and giggles

LIA---just needs the M to make it complete for LIAM

LIA—just needs the M to make it complete for LIAM


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  1. That is just to cute. Made me smile and giggle too. Next time you go get out a pen and put the “M” for that smart little man. 🙂


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