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Week 19 (May 4th-11th): Pretty in Pink

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We have a pretty big tree in our front yard. I couldn’t tell you what kind. I can tell you it’s not a pine tree, oak tree or maple tree. But it’s a nice tree. The kids love its low hanging branches and it’s Caroline’s dream to climb it all by herself (she’s pretty close to reaching that goal!).

A few weeks ago, Caroline noticed some small pink buds on its branches. It only took a few days before the front yard was an explosion of pink! It was quite a surprise after seeing it all summer with green leaves and then the long winter months with no color. Sadly, we are already being reminded that the pink won’t last. Our yard is covered with “pink confetti” and it is so thick in some spots that it kind of looks a bit like snow!

The "before" shot: Our tree with snow--December 30, 2012

The “before” shot:
Our tree with snow–December 30, 2012

Pink on a rainy day--May 2013

Pink on a rainy day–May 2013

Pink up close--May 2013

Pink up close–May 2013

"Snow" on the ground--May 16th, 2013

“Snow” on the ground–May 16th, 2013


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