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Week 18 (April 28th-May 4th): Two Peas

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For the record, they do fight. They can be mean to each other. Very mean. We recently had to ban talking about birthdays because one child was always uninviting the other one to the party. Their birthdays are months away!

We’ve had some hitting. There have been bites. And lots of knocked down block towers and ruined train track.

We’ve done time-outs, alone time, and way too many “say your sorry” and “don’t do it again.”

We’ve been working on how to solve your own problems but also knowing when you need an adult. I’ve been working on letting them “handle it” without me. It ain’t easy.

I know it comes with having a sibling. I know my siblings and I drove my mother crazy with our bickering and fighting and name calling. Lord knows how my mother managed to survive it with six of us because there are times when I’m sure I’m going crazy just from the two of them not getting along.

And then there are moments like these:

Bonding over watermelon

Bonding over watermelon

Hiking  (bonus picture from week 19!)

(bonus picture from week 19!)

Actually there are LOTS of moments of like these! And for that, I’m thankful!


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  1. I think you are lying….just look at them…how could you say they fight, argue or push each other around….you must be talking about some other children…..not Liam and Caroline…they are the poster children for sister / brother love!! Great pictures as always.

  2. Hmmm, you don’t believe me:) Come visit & you will see!

  3. Becky Leishear

    Having a sibling means that your know how to push their buttons better than anyone else in the world but having a sibling means that you know that person better than anyone else and you will (hopefully) always have a best friend!


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