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Week 16 (April 14th-April 20th): Ready to Read

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Books and Bagels

Books and Bagels

Caroline & I spent last Saturday hanging out. Bagels for lunch and off to a little friend’s birthday party. Per our routing, she took a big ol’ Richard Scarry book into the bagel shop.

We frequent the bagel shop just enough so that the owner, Jim, knows our faces but aren’t there so much that he calls us by name. He was delivering Caroline’s bagel when he asked her what she was reading. She didn’t answer, which is not unusual for her. He continued to talk to her about her book and even asked if she would bring one of her favorite books from home to read to him.

After Jim went back behind the counter, she whispered to me, “He probably doesn’t know this but I don’t know how to read.” She was a little embarrassed when she said that to me and I told her something that I absolutely believe to be true: “Not yet, but it won’t be long now.”


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  1. I agree she will be reading in no time with the bookworm genes she has from Mom and Dad.


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