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Week 13 (March 24th-30th): Priceless

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There is so much to say about this picture, but I will keep it short & Simple. Last Saturday, the kids and I arrived home to find a box from Granny. The box was for truck floor mats. Since I wasn’t expecting a package and the kids were getting cranky and wanting food, I left it for Jeff to take care of. He was also a little cranky because of a broken bike chain, so the box was not on the top his list of things to take care of.

After dinner, while the kids and I were vegging out to a movie, Jeff opened the box and was immediately rendered speechless. I was called to the kitchen, upon where I was just floored. I mean completely. Talk about an AMAZING SURPRISE.

This painting was done by Jeff’s step father, Captain Mike. We had no idea he was working on it. The scene is from Jeff’s reenlistment in Southern Maryland the previous March. Liam was absolutely giddy about seeing himself in a painting and Caroline just ran around hugging everyone.

We are truly blessed to have received such a priceless gift from an amazing man. Thank you, Captain Mike!

A Priceless Gift

A Priceless Gift

The original picture

The original picture


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