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Week 6 (February 3- February 9th): And Winter Came

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and came and came. After some not so impressive snowfalls here on Long Island, we finally got a storm that rivals the ones I remember from growing up in Maine. Our part of the island got slammed with around 20 inches between Friday night and Saturday morning. It’s certainly way more than they are used to around here. Or prepared to deal with. We dealt with it the old fashioned way: shovels.

Jeff spent over three hours shoveling. I offered to tie a rope around him and anchor it to the house so he wouldn’t get lost, but he opted to go without. It took him about two hours before he said I could come out and help. I’m sure I was a very useful shoveler.

Liam was beyond thrilled with the snow. He even said it was tasty. We warned him to not eat the yellow snow. The joke was not lost on him! Love a little kid with a sense of humor.

Caroline needed an extra day to “warm up” to the snow. She really LOVED the IDEA of snow. When it was time to go out, she dressed in lightning speed and bounced out the door. Her bounce was quickly annihilated by her inexperience with such a large quantity of fluff. She tripped. She fell. She was helped up and carried. She was taught to walk behind her dad and use his footsteps as her path. She pushed through, literally. She tried. She made it less than 15 minutes. She even comforted herself by saying, “I was born in Florida. There’s no snow there so I am not very good at playing in it yet.”

She’s also a quick learner. By Sunday, you’d have thought she was born in an igloo. She had a wonderful time climbing snow banks and helping me make his and hers snow forts. She’d forgotten all about her trauma the day before and was acting like a true New Englander and not some snow bird!


With this much snow, you’ve got start somewhere!

My this snow looks delicious

My this snow looks delicious


Trees in the backyard—because who doesn’t love a picture of snow on trees?!?!

Day 2

Technically, this is from week 7 but she had way more fun on day 2!


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