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Week 41 (October 14th-20th): Feliz cumpleaños

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Yes, that is Spanish for Happy Birthday. And yes, Caroline actually sang it to Jeff on his birthday. She had been singing it for weeks after learning it from her best friend, Dora. Liam was more concerned with how many birthday spankings Jeff was going to get. We decided a hundred was too many but five was not enough. I love the age that the kids are at right now. They have some concept of age but not enough to figure out how old the adults around them actually are. They knew that Daddy was older than ten thanks to spending time with their cousin Abigail this summer. The next guess was that he was about to be 67. Close enough.

This cake was actually for the kids. Jeff gets a pumpkin pie on his birthday.

Caroline and Liam managed to keep Jeff’s gifts a secret. They helped me wrap them but by the looks on their faces, I’m guessing they forgot what we bought! They looked pretty excited to see what’s under the paper.


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