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Week 39 (September 30th-October 6th): Size Matters

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We finally didn’t have to sneak Liam on to the rides at the fair! In July, there was a small fair at the fire station in Hampton Bays. There were just two rides that were preschooler friendly. One was also adult friendly. One was not. Caroline got to enjoy both rides. Liam was a bit too small to ride either of them, and definitely not ready to go it alone. So Jeff and I took turns riding “the strawberry” with him.

There was another festival in town this weekend and we decided to check it out. Again, just two rides for the kiddos. The strawberry was there. And there was one that they could ride alone, if they met the height requirements. 36 inches. We put Liam up against the board and as luck would have it, he just barely made the cut—probably because he hasn’t had a haircut for a while.

Here they are, enjoying a ride at the St. Gennaro Festival in Hampton Bays.

There was just one pink and purple dragon. Caroline didn’t care if she was in the back as long as it was the pink and purple one!

Liam spent part of the ride in awe and part waving like a maniac to us.


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