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Week 30 (July 29th-August 4th): I Whip My Hair

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Okay, this is not a shout out to Willow Smith (no relation, either) but I just love how Caroline was just filled with silliness, smiles and laughter as she flung her hair around. It was a completely random and beautiful moment at the park, caught on camera.

Take time everyday to do something silly. -Phillip Walker


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  1. Wow so much has happened in the past few weeks since I changed my e-mail address and wasn’t getting your blogs. I missed seeing the Smith Family. Glad to be back on the list. Happy Belated Birthday Caroline and Maggie!!!!

  2. Too cute, yes the song is annoying but completely appriate for the situation. Get camera skills for catching the action. Um wait…you mean you and Will aren’t brother & sister???

    • Yeah, I hired a P.I. to check on the Smith-Smith relations….turns out we aren’t connected. Maybe I will play Caroline Willow’s song and see if she likes it 🙂


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