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Week 29 (July 22-28): Uneventful Week

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There was one event this week to note, but it was my birthday and it was just my style…low-key. I’m not big on birthdays so the fact that I didn’t leave the house once was A-O-K with me. It was a rainy and the kids talked me into letting them paint. I wasn’t feeling it, but they were and they wore me down! When I went to open the box of the paint supplies, I was greeted with this pink birthday ribbon—a gift from my good friend, Becky, on last year’s birthday. Along with the ribbon, I got sung to by a random group of teachers, all trapped in “Professional Development” on a nice summer day. Embarrassing for sure!

I have no idea how the ribbon ended up with paint supplies. But I wonder if it is more than random luck that I finally said yes to letting the kids paint on this particular day, and therefore able to find the ribbon and a fun memory, compliments of a good friend!


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  1. Birthdays are a time for other people to recognize how happy we are that we have you around for another year. I was sorry that I couldn’t be with you in person to sing (Tori was sad she missed it also!). I hope your ribbon proud, now let’s see where you find it next year 🙂


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