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Week 27 (July 1st-7th): Pool Party

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It seems our family has settled well into our new digs. Pictures are hung, pantry is stocked. And it’s only been three weeks. I am amazed that the house already feels like home.

A new home feels like a fresh start. We have all our old stuff, but there is a unique merging of the old and new when you move. The old recliner that has seen better days gets a prime spot in front of the tv. Pots and pans that had been out of reach in the old house are now up front and being used regularly. Toys that haven’t been used in months are now favorites again. Because we got rid of so little before this move, we have had very little that we had to purchase to make this house feel like our home.

The one thing that is 100% new to us is the pool in the backyard. It was not on our list of must haves when Jeff and I were house hunting. In fact, it was almost a deterrent when we were considering renting this place. But we are here and this is home and the pool is open. Our two little kids have turned into little fish. Caroline claims she is not a fish but a mermaid and Liam says he’s a shark. No matter, they are taking full advantage of the pool out back.

Jeff and Liam taking a dip

Caroline practices her swim moves with help from the float


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