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Week 24 (June 10th-17th): Pretty Little Boxes

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Okay, maybe these boxes aren’t little and aren’t exactly pretty but after waiting forever ages to get this move started and finished, it was surprisingly overwhelming when moving day actually came.

Jeff didn’t think we had a lot of boxes. I thought there were too many!

After all was weighed, we only had fifty pounds more than when we arrived on Southern Maryland. I don’t quite believe it since we’ve gained a lot of new furniture here. And we added a little guy to the fam, too!


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  1. Not sure what happen but I can’t see or open any pictures 😦

  2. I posted it from my phone. Not sure why they didn’t show so I just went in added some.

    • Ahhhhh…boxes!!! I can’t believe that you were only 50 pounds more then your last move. It must have been all of those books you got rid of. I don’t want to think how much I would be over if we moved this year. We have added way to much in the last ten years. Need to do some major purging before 2014.

  3. I was wrong about the 50 pounds! That’s what the movers originally told Jeff but not surprisingly when they did the actual weight, it was about 2000 pounds more than when we left Florida! We were still under the allowed weight, so all is good except the things the packers broke!

    Better start cleaning now if you want to be ready for 2014!


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