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Week 22 (May 28-June 2): Froggy Went a-Courting, Uh Huh

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Disclaimer 1: This photo was taken with my cell phone.
Disclaimer 2: The sink in this photo was disgusting. I tried to crop most of it out.

On the mornings when I do not have to tutor, I try to get in a workout or a walk at the rec center in Solomons. Last Monday, I opted for a walk. Per my routine after a walk or workout, I stopped by the campground “comfort station” to get ready for school. The first sink I approached gave me a bit of shock. The sink itself was gross but it seems that this bathroom always has one gross sink so I wasn’t surprised by that. What shocked me was the little green frog camping out in the drain.

Honestly, I was glad to be alone because I let out a little squeal that is not normally in my vocal range. Once I had collected myself, I snapped this photo. As I tried to get a good picture without getting too close, for fear that the little green guy would propel himself towards me, I wondered when did I become such a wuss? Scared of a frog in a sink? Since when? Five years ago (or more like ten?!?!) I would have turned on the faucet just to see Froggy’s reaction. But on this day, I just moved two sinks down, got ready for school and got out! I have no idea what was on Froggy’s agenda for the day. I didn’t even go back for a second look!


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