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Week 21(May 20th-27): Muddy Man & Racing Rugrats

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This spring has been all about races around the Smith household. Jeff runs just about everyday and signed up to do a few 5K’s. Caroline, Liam and I went to one and cheered him on. They had fun rooting for Dad, but in all honesty, we learned other than the start and finish, watching a race can be is rather boring. That is until Jeff signed up to do the Warrior Dash. If you haven’t heard about it, check out this

I knew about the dash from my friend, Becky, who competed last year. Jeff and I debated about taking the kids to see it. We weighed the pros and cons. Possible long lines of traffic just to park, trekking across the field just to get to the main gate, waiting in the hot sun just for the dash to start. And the list of cons goes on. But the one pro that tipped the scale totally in favor for bringing the kids….a chance to see Daddy jumping over fire and crawling through mud!

The excitement from Jeff’s Warrior Dash is still going strong nearly a week and half later. Liam and Caroline will randomly just drop to an army crawl and announce they are in the mud! Just yesterday Liam saw Caroline jump over some hay at Miss Gina’s and made the connection that there was hay on the ground at the Warrior Dash. I guess that race made an impression on them.

Sunday was Jeff’s muddy race and the following Saturday was a 5K that Jeff and our friends Becky and Melissa had signed up to run. The draw to this race was that there was a kid’s race first. Caroline and Liam were SO excited that they were going to race with their friends. Liam talked all week about running and Caroline lead evening practices on the front lawn. Caroline boasted that she was going to win and when I asked her what she would do if she was not the winner, she gave me a sigh and said, “Mom, don’t you know I am the fastest runner in the WHOLE world?”

Their kid race was a quarter mile. There were about 85 runners and five different start times. Everyone that crossed the finish line—or near it—was given a medal. On that Saturday morning, you couldn’t have found two prouder kids. Or parents, for that fact.

Jeff covered in mud after completing the Warrior Dash on Sunday, May 20, 2012.

Even after he was sprayed down with a hose from a huge tank of water, Jeff was still muddy and the kids didn’t want to go near him!

Caroline participates in her first quarter mile race. She was very motivated and ran the whole thing pretty much by herself!

Liam talked about racing all week but in the end, he needed a little help from Dad. I am not sure if he actually ran one step. At one point, he asked to be carried!


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  1. Go Caroline & Liam!!! Mr. Jeff too!

    The reason Liam wasn’t into running is obvious — short Heskett legs! 🙂

  2. Ha ha! I agree about those legs…I have a pair of them myself 🙂


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