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Week 19 (May 6th-May 13th): Life’s a Beach

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Don’t grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach.
-Michelle Held

Between May 6th and the 13th, the Smith family went to beach a total of three times. The first trip involved just hopping in the car and going. After seeing how much fun the kids had on that little trip, we followed up the next weekend with bathing suits, buckets and beach blankets. And now, before it is even summer, they are hooked and already asking when we are going back! Liam is all about the digging and making castles. Caroline wants to swim, swim, swim –even in the coldest of water. I guess we will need to look into getting a beach pass for those world famous Hampton beaches!

I help Liam test the water. We both agree it was a bit chilly!

May 6, 2012: The Smith’s stick their toes in the water.

Caroline was a little (ok–lot!) disappointed that this was as high as we would let her go on the rocks.

Notice how Liam has to keep a hand on Jeff….another good reminder that my big boy is still little.

As the kids say…”Look, there’s our bridge!”


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  1. Becky Leishear

    Looks like you all have had a lot of great quality family time. Hopefully you will have lots of pictures of “their bridge” to show them where they used to live and where they are coming back to in a few years 🙂

  2. We’d love to come back and visit (you and the bridge)!

  3. The beach 3 times in one week…you know what I would say “Way to much sand!”. Looks like you all had a great time despite all that sand. Lol


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