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Week 18 (April 29th-May 5th): Everyone Loves a Parade!

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Saturday was “Pride in the Park” for the town of Lexington Park, right near where we live. The town is somewhat run down, but over the past year, official have been working on trying to spruce it up. All I have noticed is some roadwork, but I think there are other plans in place. “Pride in the Park” was a way to get the community excited about the revitalization. It started off with a parade and since we knew parades would include all 3 “F”‘s for great family outing, we went to it.

Daddy and Liam clown around while waiting for the parade to start.

Caroline enthusiastically waves her Lexington Park flags.

Still waiting for the parade.

The parade begins!

Caroline makes a new friend.

Liam was impressed by the drums. They stopped right in front of us and did a song.

Last but not least: Our favorites!

In case you haven’t figured out what the 3 “F”‘s for a great family outing are:
Fun, Free & Firetrucks!


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  1. Looks like fun and great weather. It was Prom day at our house. The cold weather and bugs put a damper on the fun of pictures here

    Cute haircut Caroline.

    I am also wondering if the Color Guard guy with the American flag made it to the end of the parade without falling. How can you walk with a flag on your face that the guy holding the blue flag put there?


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