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Week 17 (April 22nd-28th): Let’s Go Fly a Kite

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My daughter has a memory like an elephant. When Nana and Grampy came to visit in March, they brought a bag full of toys and treats. There were kites in that bag but Nana never got around to flying them with Caroline and Liam. I was left with the kites and since I am a responsible and loving mom, I promptly hid the kites. Why? Because Charlie Brown and I have a lot in common when it comes to kites. We just don’t get along.

It had been over a month since I had stashed the kites away and if it wasn’t for Caroline’s super-duper memory, they probably would have stayed hidden until the movers stumbled across them. I imagine a soft, gentle breeze floated across her face one afternoon, thus reminding her that we had kites in the house. It was that random.

My first response was going to be “no.” But I am afraid of being that mom. Not the mom that doesn’t say no to her children, because trust me, that word gets used plenty these days. But I don’t want to be the mom that says no to something just because I don’t know how/I don’t want to to do it. It already takes all my inner-strength to say yes when they want to do a craft project,so I guess I didn’t want to be anti-kite flying before we even got it them out of the package.

So I summoned my inner Mr. Banks (minus the tuppence but with the string) and agreed to “teach” them how to fly kites. The wind was decent, the kids excited and there were no kite-eating trees in the vicinity. Caroline was an apt student and was on her own within minutes. I am not sure how my lessons went, but Caroline had a great time. She ran a lot, laughed a lot and didn’t want to stop, even when the wind. But Liam–poor Liam–quite possible takes after me in more than just looks and stubbornness. He had no luck getting his kite up and no matter how much talking he did to it, it still wouldn’t fly. Don’t worry, Liam, I can relate!

Caroline sends it soaring

Liam tries to talk some sense into his kite


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  1. Oh have I got a kite for those little muffins in my attic. Flying it here in the Cape May winds would lift them off the ground.

  2. Becky Leishear

    I have had 2 kites sitting in the basement since the kids firstbirthday. My goal is to take them to the beach with us this summer. I would really like to know what Liam was saying to his kite (and what the kits had to say in return 🙂 Looked like a great day!


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