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Week 16 (April 15th-21st) Home Sweet Home

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I am not sure if I should actually title this one “Home Sweet Home” but it felt better than “Mom-cation” or “One the Way to Cape May” and some of the other titles I tossed around. I mean, Cape May isn’t officially where I am from. When people ask, I always say I’m from Maine and without hesitation. Except for my good friend Joan and her family, the only thing tying me to Cape May is memories. But after a little thinking on it and finding the following quote, I guess you could say I left my heart in Cape May. Maybe that’s why I always look forward to getting back there.

Where we love is home,
Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., Homesick in Heaven

Since I was sans husband and kids last weekend, I had some time to pretty much visit all the places I love in Cape May. I snapped some pictures of my favorites. I took a picture of the house on Fulling Mill Road but wont put it here. For starters, it looks the same but has a hot tub in the driveway. And secondly, it doesn’t seem right to post it now that it isn’t ours.

I regret that I didn’t get a few pictures of me with my friend (and most gracious hostess). I don’t know why I never do remember to do that. It is pretty funny, though, that I have more pictures of her husband’s famous burgers than I do of her!

The Peter Shields Inn where Jeff proposed on my birthday. I think he was just a little nervous.

The ice cream shop on the street next to ours. We would walk over before CSI. I am embarrassed to admit that the employees used to bet if we would get our "usual." A strawberry milkshake for Jeff, twist on a cone with chocolate jimmies for me.

My old school, the creatively named Elementary #2. It was here that I really began to know I was a good teacher. Pretty sure the ball stuck in the gutter was there when I left.

The Coast Guard chapel where we got married on November 11, 2006. I will never forget the pride I felt when Father Coffey took a moment from the ceremony to thank the Veterans in our families for their service.

This is the not the most popular beach in Cape May, but it allowed dogs. We spent more time here in the winter than the rest of the year. (Plus it's actually in North Cape May.)

Another shot of the same beach.

I'm adding this one because I totally thought that was my dad, hanging out on the Square in Cape May. I walked by twice just to make sure!

I wish I was a better photographer. If I was, I would spend days taking pictures of the homes in Cape May. Love them even though I don't know why.

I saw this outside of Starbucks on Saturday and I had forgotten how much I miss seeing the recruits in Rio Grande on their liberty from boot camp. They all (and always) look so young and unsure. I can't help but wonder what Jeff was like then.


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There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one's self. Benjamin Franklin

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  1. It was great to see you again Maggie!! You forgot one important picture — the Fudge Kitchen. Thanks for reminding me of all the things here in Cape May that I see and never think twice about. I think you have one picture caption wrong….you came to Elem #1 as a good teacher and left as great. You not only taught the kids but me too. I still use a lot of what I learned from you. Thank you!! As I was watching you walk up to the ferry I too realized that once again I didn’t take any pictures of you or you and I together. Guess you will have to come back soon. You, Jeff and the little muffins are always welcome. Your “cottage” door is always open so feel free call and say I am “On My Way to Cape May”.

  2. Thanks! I had a great time! Always great to see you and trade gossip 🙂

    • We don’t gossip, just catch up on the latest info!!! You forgot the picture of Starbucks labeled “afternoon snack” too.

  3. Next time I will take a picture of the Fudge Kitchen and label it “lunch”


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